Can porcelain floor tile be painted?

Oct, 2019 | Porcelain Tile

Can Porcelain floor tile be paintedHave you, at some point or another, thought that you had a porcelain tiled floor you weren’t too proud of and you wanted to tear it up? Perhaps you didn’t like the color of the tiles, or the floor had repulsive, unsightly stains that just won’t get off no matter how hard you tried? Even though I understand the sentiment as to why you’d want to throw out your old tiled floor, I’ll advise you against it. Why? Because removing old tile flooring and installing a new one can be a pretty time-consuming and expensive exercise. If you have time and money to spare, you go ahead and get a brand new porcelain tiled floor installed. But if you’re looking for something that’s not as time-consuming or expensive, but still gives you the same results, might I suggest painting the floor tiles?

How to paint a porcelain tiled floor?

Painting your porcelain floor tiles can radically transform your entire living space. And believe it or not, you don’t need a professional to paint your floors for you, you can do it yourself! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can paint your porcelain tiled floor properly.
  1. First off, you’re going to want to scuff up the floor’s surface, so that the primer adheres to it.
  2. The cleaner the floor, the better your paint will adhere to it. So, the next step is to vacuum the floor to ensure there’s no dust and debris left behind after the sanding. Any heavy-duty stripper and floor cleaner should do the job.
  3. Next, use a high-quality primer. Starting at the far end of the room and working towards the entrance, apply the primer to the grout and the tiles with a paint brush and a small roller respectively. Keep your strokes smooth; there’s no need to rush!
  4. Paint the floor tiles the same way you applied the primer.
  5. Give your floor at least a couple of days to fully dry.
There you have it! A pretty inexpensive DIY project that can give you a porcelain tiled floor that looks current and visually appealing.

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