Can porcelain floor tiles be steam cleaned?

Oct, 2019 | Porcelain Tile

Can porcelain floor tiles be steam cleanedPorcelain floor tiles are incredibly durable and pretty easy to keep clean. Because they’re moisture-resistant, spills that might seep into another flooring material – and lead to discoloration or staining – can be wiped with nothing but a damp rag. I’m not saying that porcelain floors are immune to dirt or grime… because they’re not. Like every other flooring, they do need some extra cleaning every once in a while. So, when those times arise, can your floors be steam cleaned? The short answer is – Yes. The slightly longer answer is – There’s no better way! Although most people only turn to their steam cleaners when it’s time to clean their carpets, these handy little devices are very versatile and can be used to clean a porcelain floor as well.

What are the Benefits of Steam Cleaning?

The high-pressure steam not only strips the floors of all of the sticky residues which are often left behind by the harsh chemicals in traditional floor cleaning products, but it also sanitizes them. If you have small children or pets playing on the floor all day or you like to walk around barefoot, a clean and sparkly floor that has been stripped of chemicals can be crucial to you and your family’s health and well-being.

How to Use a Steam Cleaner To Clean Your Porcelain Floor?

  1. Start by sweeping the floor using a broom or dust mop. The goal here is to get rid of all the larger pieces of dust and dirt that the machine might not be able to get.
  2. Now that your floor is prepared, it’s time to prepare the cleaner. Remove the cleaner’s cap and fill it with distilled water and be sure not to add any cleaning products to the water.
  3. Attach the microfiber cleaning cloth to the steam cleaner head.
  4. Plug the machine into your power outlet.
  5. Start pumping the handle or squeezing the trigger to release the steam through the microfiber cleaning cloth.
  6. As the steam is released, move the cleaner’s head all over the floor tiles, in much the same way as you would when you’re mopping.
That’s all! In only these six simple steps on how to use a steam cleaner, you’ll have a porcelain floor that not only looks clean and sparkly, but also one that’s a whole lot safer.

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