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Jun, 2019 | Porcelain Tile

For any room, office, or outdoor setup, giving a complete makeover can enhance the look of the entire property. Therefore, it is essential to consider all the flooring options you may want to install in your home or office.

The tiling industry has seen a significant change in the past few years, due to rapid technological advancements. Earlier stone-effect looking tiles were artificial looking but after more development and research of porcelain tile that looks like marble, it is now practically indistinguishable from the type flooring it is trying to mimic.

The Perfect FlooringPorcelain Marble Tiles

As you invest time and money in your home, you strive for perfection, luxury, and comfort. The overall aesthetic of your home is fundamentally determined by the flooring. Porcelain tiles can transform any space in your home.

So, what makes porcelain tile so exquisite?

Natural Marble Stone-Effect Porcelain Tile

Grainy, irregular textures and veins are some naturally occurring characteristics of porcelain tile. Redefining natural stone effect with Rialto Porcelanato affirms timeless elegance but will add a modern appeal to the architectural design.

Rialto Porcelanto’s exquisite collection is inspired by a myriad of hues that nature has to offer. Porcelain flooring adds value, elegance, and luxury coalesced with cutting edge technical performance rendering a balanced contemporary product envisioned for future needs.

Water Resistance and Low Maintenance

Porcelain marble tiles are water resistant and they are effortless to clean as it just requires a gentle mop to get the surface area cleared effectively.

Durabilitymarble look porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are quite resistant, hence making it a very versatile and elegant flooring option both in style and functionality. Unlike other materials, marble looking porcelain tile can withstand abrupt falls occurring from heavy objects as well as scratches from moving furniture.

Porcelain Tiles are in Vogue

Porcelain tile offers an elegant and premium look to your home or office. Adding an authentic appearance as it easily replicates the look of marble flooring.
Designed and engineered with a wide variety of materials and produced with a unique approach to every product, it brings out a successful combination of visually striking texture and variations.

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