Porcelain Marble Tile

About Our Porcelain Marble Tile Series

At Rialto Porcelanato, we offer you a plethora of stunning porcelain marble tiles that can finally give you the genuine look you have always dreamt of. We have porcelain tile products suitable for flooring, walls, backsplashes, and fireplaces. With so many sizes and shapes to choose from, we can help you in enhancing your spaces with tiles that look like marble.

Experience all the beauty of real marble with timeless porcelain marble tiles.

At Rialto Porcelanato, our experts recommend porcelain marble-look tiles as they encapsulate the smoothness, durability and natural veining of marble tiles. Depending upon the space and the impact you want to have, you will find a variety of colors and styles to match the look you prefer for your home. Many property owners choose to invest in porcelain marble tiles in Dallas Texas as they are versatile and durable.

Carrara Series

The Carrara Series is one of our Body-Through Porcelain Tile Products. The design of the tile is not just on the surface, meaning you will still see the veining design with chipping or breakage. The Carrara Series is available in 10 different variations that allows a unique and natural look. These tiles are available in polished or matte. Available sizes are 12″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″. Size 24″ x 48″ is available by special order only. Item No. CARPOL / CARMAT

Porcelain Marble Tile Dallas
Porcelain Marble Tile Dallas

Statuario Series

The Statuario Series is available in 16 different variations of veining that seamlessly creates a sleek and modern design. They are an ideal choice for indoor applications such as flooring, fireplace surrounds, and feature walls. These tiles are available in 12″ x 24″. Sizes 24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″ are available by special order only. Item No. STAPOL / STAPOLMAT

Porcelain Marble Tile Dallas

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