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About Our Decorative Porcelain Wall Tiles

Due to it’s versatility and unique beauty, porcelain tiles are perfect for wall applications as well as flooring. Our unique collection of wall tiles will add texture and drama to any space.  When used in kitchens, bathrooms or feature walls, these tiles provide depth that will make your design pop. 

Please browse through our products below and contact us when you are ready to add our tiles to your inventory. The team at Rialto Porcelanato in Dallas has many years of experience and we are ready to serve you!

Geom Series

Geom series is one of our unique porcelain wall tile products. This series comes in deco, sand, and white colors, and are available in 16″ x 48″.

Ornamenta Series

The Ornamenta Series will add texture and vibrancy to any space. This series is available in two colors, white and sand, in 16″ x 48″ size.

Signo Series

The Signo Series is one of our alluring porcelain wall tile products. This series is available in grey and white, and come in 16″ x 48″.

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