Solid Colored Porcelain Tile

About Our Solid Colored Porcelain Tile Series

Modern and contemporary styles are combined with our solid colored porcelain tile series at Rialto Porcelanato. With so many design trends moving towards solid color palettes, we have created these collections to provide more options for any interior or exterior space.

Achieve the sleekness of modern design with solid colors in porcelain tile.

At Rialto Porcelanato, we believe in style and beauty with all of our products. Our solid colored porcelain tile combines in vogue design with the durability of porcelain tile to create lustrous spaces. Solid colors allow for different finishes to bring out natural textures in porcelain tile for use in flooring or walls, interiors or exteriors.

Double-Loading Series

The Double-Loading Series is our unique porcelain tile product featuring a double layer of the surface design, protecting the look of the tile in case of chipping. These tiles come in six different colors and are available in polished, matte or rough finish. Available sizes are 12″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″.


Item No. CONBEI60P

Item No. CONBRO60P

Item No. CONIVO60P

Item No. CONLIG60P

Item No. CONGRE60P

Item No. CONBLK60P


Item No. CONBEI60M

Item No. CONBRO60M

Item No. CONIVO60M

Item No. CONLIG60M

Item No. CONGRE60M

Item No. CONBLK60M


Item No. CONBEI60S

Item No. CONBRO60S

Item No. CONLIG60S

Item No. CONGRE60S

Item No. CONBLK60S

Purity Series

The Purity Series has four different color options available in polished or matte finish. Each tile is 24″ x 24″.


Item No. PU6607P

Item No. PU6601P

Item No. PU6660P


Item No. PU6604N

Item No. PU6607N

Item No. PU6601N

Item No. PU6660N

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