Porcelain tiles imitating wood flooring

Jul, 2019 | Porcelain Tile

Like the look of hardwood flooring, but the feel and ease of maintenance of porcelain tiles? Rialto Porcelanato’s wood-look porcelain floor tile collection offers a wide variety of porcelain tiling that feature a hardwood appearance. Also, the hardwood our porcelain tiles imitate aren’t limited to just one type! porcelain wood look tile flooring

Porcelain wood-look tiles VS other wood imitators

Porcelain wood look tile flooring give off a natural wood look, unlike some other flooring materials that imitate hardwood flooring. While materials like vinyl and linoleum are susceptible to scratching and denting, porcelain wood tile flooring can handle impacts and carry weight of heavier objects like furniture without leaving dents. Still, furniture pads should be placed at the bottom of heavier objects such as tables and chairs in order to avoid unnecessary wear. With porcelain wood tile flooring, maintenance is simple. Just wipe down the flooring with a damp (not soaked!) mop or sweep dirt away every so often. Unlike carpeting and other such flooring materials, porcelain wood look tile flooring doesn’t simple absorb dirt and allow for mildew growth. porcelain wood look tile flooring Create the look you’ve always wanted for your home with Rialto Porcelanato’s wood-look porcelain floor tile! The experts at Rialto Porcelanato can help you select the best wood look porcelain tile flooring from our vast selection of porcelain tiles! Just call (469) 466-8549 or visit us in-person!  

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